Neighbourhood Mediation

Mediation offers you a space that promotes dialogue and mutual respect.

Countless differences of opinion between neighbours can influence their quality of life.

Issues that are linked to the proximity of the territory, such as green spaces, the presence of domestic animals or noise pollution, often lead to daily conflicts that over time affect the general welfare of the condominium, neighbourhood and ultimately will impact on the construction of a better community.

Neighbourhood mediation is an effective tool to prevent or reduce existing conflicts through constructive dialogue based on mutual respect. The mediator accompanies the parties so that they can find solutions by mutual agreement, avoiding that the conflict escalates and reaches judicial areas.

Types of Mediation

Family mediation

Separation is a transformative event in family relations that affects parents and children.

Mediation for couples

Many times, separations or divorces are a traumatic event involving emotional and legal aspects, leading to conflict situations and the possibility of loss of dialogue.

Intergenerational Mediation

Also called "intergenerational" or "transgenerational", it refers to a useful tool for the resolution of conflicts between family members of different generations...

Mediation in cases of inheritance

Hereditary disputes are often extremely emotional, creating long and costly conflicts. The relationship between siblings or parents and children risks...

Neighbourhood Mediation

Infinidad de divergencias de opinión entre vecinos pueden influir sobre la calidad de vida de los mismos.


La mediación intercultural es un instrumento que pretende contribuir a una mejor comunicación, relación e integración entre personas o grupos presentes en un territorio...